Fort Collins Loveland Certified Financial Planner and Financial Advisor


Sunit is actively involved in the financial planning community; he has spoken at national conferences about the following topics:

  1. Improving the analysis during the financial planning process

  2. Simplifying the client's involvement in the financial planning process

  3. Keeping information secure in a cloud-based environment

  4. Developing a software infrastructure that allows financial planning firms to serve clients effectively and efficiently

  5. Running an advisory practice on Apple computers, iPads, and iPhones

  6. Creating an "ideal" financial planning practice by using business goals, business planning, metrics, technology, and processes

Sunit has spoken at the following conferences, panels, and webcasts:

  • 2011 NAPFA National Conference (Presenter)

  • 2011 Technology Tools for Today™ Conference (Panelist)

  • 2011 Business & Wealth Management Forum (Panel moderator)

  • 2012 Shareholders Service Group Advisor Conference (Panelist)

  • 2012 Shareholders Service Group Advisor Conference (Presenter)

  • 2012 Financial Planning Association Business Solutions Conference (Panelist)

  • 2012 InvestmentNews May Webcast (Panelist)

  • 2012 InvestmentNews September Webcast (Panelist)

  • 2012 NAPFA East Conference (Presenter)

  • 2013 Fort Collins Lee Hecht Harrison Meeting (Presenter)

  • 2013 Denver NAPFA Study Group (Presenter)

  • 2013 InvestmentNews Webcast (Panelist)

  • 2014 Shareholders Service Group Advisor Conference (Panelist)

  • 2014 NAPFA Spring National Conference (Panelist)

  • 2015 NAPFA Spring National Conference (Panelist)

  • 2016 Bohemian Foundation Give 10 Emerging Leaders Event (Presenter)

  • 2017 NAPFA Spring National Conference (Panelist)

  • 2018 Financial Advisor Success Podcast with Michael Kitces